Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ooh, if I weren't me...

I have been seething for much of the day today. I simply cannot believe the level of... well... cheating that is still prevalent at the graduate level.

I mean, okay, children cheat. True. But hopefully they're learning that cheaters never win.

High schoolers cheat. Well, teenagers are supposed to rebel and break the rules - that's how their brains are built.

By the time people go through undergraduate school and graduate school - the powers that be should start being able to weed out the cheaters from every one else. I mean seriously.

So I receive an email from another student asking if I would write her final paper for her and she would pay me. Are you kidding me? Not only would this entail doing her work for her, but she would have to send me information about her partner - personal, confidential information that is not allowed to be discussed or shared with anyone.

So many ethical issues - I really just want to slap he, tie a big scarlet C around her neck and boot her out of the school.

But then I'm thinking to myself that no... That would not be the best thing to do. I could just turn her in, but then I become the little rat who can't win on her own merit and has to knock someone else down in order to win.

And, these are psychology teachers, right? So somewhere down the line they must be able to catch on without my having to point it out to them?