Monday, August 15, 2011

Yet Another Dream For Me

So, here we are, and I'm doing it again... Launching off on another long-awaited dream.

No, this one is not of publication...

 At least, not quite publication.

 No, this one is of finally getting to finish my Master's Degree.

 That's right. as of today - I am rejoining the ranks of "Student" ... I start my first day of the rest of my life today.

 Well, to be more specific, I start my graduate studies as a psychology student.

 I know, I know what you're thinking.

What does this have to do with writing? And will clients be able to take me seriously if they see that I write fantasy / sci-fi novels?

 Well... I look at it this way. Perhaps my work as a therapist will help me develop deeper, more profound characters that my readers will fall in love with.

Or perhaps my writing will inspire me to help my clients in a way that no "traditional" therapist might think of. Either way, my vocabulary is bound to benefit, right?

And with all the research papers and writing that I will need to do while I'm in school... I doubt that I'll fall out of practice.

 There are still a lot of decisions to be made, like which population would I want to work with and where do I find an internship. What type of therapist do I want to be? (I had no idea that there were so many!). So - yes... Another day, another dream. Why settle for just one?

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